Art Market Budapest

Conférence INSIDE ART

Foire d’Art Contemporain à Budapest

16-19 Octobre 2019

NEW COLLECTORS ON THE BLOCK – Are they young or just late bloomers? Becoming a collector: is it a generational or a cultural question?

INSIDE ART panel discussion

Marcus LEVINE – artist, Leeds
Rony MORE –  CEO & Founder, ART PLEASE, New York
Peter PUDIL – Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pudil Family Foundation, Prague
Asia ZAK PERSONS – Co-Founder, Zak Branicka Gallery, Berlin
Moderated by:
KOVÁCS Krisztina – art historian, Art Director, Várfok Gallery, Budapest.

Conférence “INSIDE ART” à Art Market Budapest (2021)
Art Market Budapest (2019)